Now accepting Telehealth appointments. Schedule a virtual visit.

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We Now Offer Telehealth Visits!

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It is evident that we are living in very challenging times. Amid ongoing concerns about COVID-19, we want to reassure our patients that your health, welfare and safety continue to be our top priorities.   Our patients still need gastroenterology and internal medicine care, and we remain committed and dedicated to providing these services.

In order to continue providing healthcare to our patients, we are now providing scheduled telemedicine visits.  You can now see Dr. Harary without leaving your home.  Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely.  Most insurance plans now cover this service.  Telehealth visits are an alternative way we can help our patients and their families in an efficient, safe, and convenient manner. 

You can schedule a visit with Dr. Harary by calling us today, or requesting an appointment online, and you will receive a link on your phone, tablet or computer that will connect you to Dr. Harary for a video and audio visit.  If blood tests, X-rays, or urgent procedures are needed, we can arrange these in a safe location. We also have a Patient Portal that allows you to communicate with the office staff and doctor, check test results, request prescriptions and appointments, and access your medical records.

It is our responsibility to continue to practice safety precautions and remain informed regarding COVID-19 and the evolving situation.  The high-quality care, dedication, and compassionate attention will not change.  We will continue to be there for you.  Be well and be safe!